Friday, February 14, 2014

Be Your Own Valentine

            Today is a celebration that many single people (women) loathe or despise, mainly because you’re not in a relationship at this very moment. And thinking back to when I wasn’t, (while I currently think about popping some Hershey’s Pieces), I get it. While I never despised Valentine’s Day, it certainly made me feel acutely alone. And sad.  If I got nothing.

            So I woke up this morning because my mind was writing this post, and I got up so my fingers could obey my mind. This is my special Valentine’s Day post for you.

 Change Your Focus

         While Valentine’s Day evolved into celebrating romantic love, it didn’t start out that way. A little trip down history lane reveals that it began with a letter written by a Roman priest named Valentine to a blind girl he supposedly healed right before he was executed (nothing romantic about that). The holiday didn’t evolve into celebrating romance until much later.

            And now, it’s evolved again. Because no longer is it just about romantic love ― Eros ― as evidenced by all the greeting cards on display. You’ll find cards to mom, dad, daughter, son, and someone special, alongside all the typical husband, wife, and couple cards. So what does that tell you? That the love we celebrate now on Valentine’s Day includes all forms of love ― Phileo (friendship) and Agape (Godly). 

Give Yourself 

            You want to feel loved today? Spend some time giving love to people who need to feel it as well. Stop by your community center, or Boys and Girls club and give time, smiles, or treats to children who need to feel affirmed.

            Stop by the hospital or nursing home and pass out heart balloons or cards to those who may have you as their only special visitor today.

            Go to a shelter for the homeless or abused, and show care for those who miss it the most.

            Call your family, whether blood or love, and friends and tell them what you appreciate about them. Then pamper yourself in the way that makes you feel the best about you.

Bottom line: When you step outside of yourself and what you feel you’re missing, and give what you actually have to someone else, you’ll feel loved on this Valentine’s Day. Because whatever you give away will come right back to you. Guarantee!

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